Monday, 29 September 2008

Photos of things i like

I took the majority of these photos when i was in Argyll and the merry go round was in Beamish, where i grew up.

Green Fingers

I'm a keen photographer and i took this photo as part of a portrait project. It's one of my favourite photos of my dad because it captures him in his favourite place...outside in the garden! I took this with my dads old Pentax and developed it myself in a dark room.


In case you don't know James Jean, here's a few of his amazing illustrations. He is one of the key illustrators for the famous comic, Fables. He's one of my favourite illustrators and i would recommend everyone goes and takes a look at his website 


Fables Illustration

crayon eater

Sunday, 28 September 2008

    An illustration i did of Scalford Hall for my cousins wedding invite. This is just a mock up, real invite would be on card with a sunken border with a pretty ribbon!

                                                  vintage japanese comics and postcards


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