Sunday, 30 August 2009


Vice magazine are holding a competition to create something to go on a wall in a public space in London. I'd love to submit a design if i have time and i thought these murals by os gemeos and elbow toe were very fitting to inspire anyone who's thinking of entering.

These two images are of the new mural in New York painted by Os Gemeos (twin brothers from Sao Paulo). I saw the article on arrested motion, i love all of os gemeos work with their creepy but cute bird heads on human bodies. but i've never seen anything like this, it's so colourful and intense with so much to look at, i wish i could go to New York and look at it all day long! It's so beautiful

This is my favourite new piece of work by elbow-toe (Brian Adam Douglas) that he's just done in London. His work never fails to impress me, as with all super detailed woodcuts, i'm in awe of people with this much talent in this particular printing method. He draws from photos of people he knows, taking lots from all different angles around the model. This drawing is then cut into wood and hand painted by him then printed onto paper which he then pastes up around the city.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

I love wallpaper

i love this wallpaper by Malin Bjorklund which she was commissioned to do for a private home in Stockholm.

this paper's vintage from hausen. It was designed by Fanja Ralison.

i love this vintage alice in wonderland wallpaper. It's so pretty, i love the walrus in the suit.

this is a printed wallpaper design by lizzie allen. i love the british theme. it would be so cute in a kids room.


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