Monday, 18 July 2011

Design Market

I recently went to Design market at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. There was loads of lovely things I wanted to buy but I have no money so had to settle for taking a note of their names so I could buy their work at a later date.
Firstly I was blown away by these beautiful illustrations by the lindstrom effect. I'm not quite sure how they get this effect, i think it might be water colour first then they drop the white line drawing on top digitally? But I honestly don't know. I want both of their bird prints in my house right now! They are such a reasonable price too.
I was also in awe of some of Robbie Porter's work. I wish I could use a computer as well as he obviously can! These are two of my favourites from his

This is an amazing screen print by Verity Keniger, it has 34 layers! I am so jealous of her amazing talent and screen printing abilities! see more of her work


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