Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Greenland Falcon
one of his many measured drawings that he did in his studio at home where he
usually drew from stuffed birds or most commonly, dead birds that he had
found or people had brought to him to use.

For my personal project ( Birds of Argyll & The Islands) i've been doing a shed load of research. One person i have fallen completely in love with is the late Charles Tunnicliffe. He devoted most of his life to the study of birds, which he drew hundreds of precise and measured drawings of from both Cheshire meres and Anglesey where he lived until his death .

peregrine falcon. Wood Engraving, 1947.

He was most well known for his amazing skill for etching and wood-engraving. I think the reason i love his work so much is partly because of the type of man he was. He was raised on a small farm and was described as a warm hearted, down-to-earth countryman. I share his fascination with the countryside and all it's colours and wildlife having spent a lot of my childhood looking after animals, playing outdoors and helping in the allotment.

watercolour thumbnails Tunnicliffe did in his sketchbook before the finished painting

Looking at Tunnicliffe's work, i would like to try etching for some of my illustrations this year. I like how every line is picked up and every mark you make has to be kept, it gives the work a lot of energy.

Friday, 9 October 2009


I've been looking a lot at vintage bird illustrations for my 4th year personal project. I came across this beautiful book called 'woodland birds' which is full of vintage coloured plates. I'm definately going to try and find my own copy of this! I want to frame every page in it!

I love the pattern on the cover, the colours are definetly my cuppa tea and i think it would make beautiful stationery, especially envelopes.

The top two spreads are from the woodland birds book, and the bottom pages are from a book called 'garden birds' which i got from the library, which also is full of very romantic vintage illustrations. And they smell all old like libraries which makes them even more amazing!!


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