Friday, 19 June 2009

Brighton Graduates

Shown above, work by graphic design graduate Lauren Duly. If you cannot read the text in the corner it says... Felipendulous
suspended by, or strung upon,
a single thread

This is an illustration done by a friend of mine Emily Cross, who has just graduated from Brighton. You can see more of her work at

Above is some work by Nicolas Cranch who has just graduated from Brighton studying Graphic Design. I don't know how he made this image or what it is, but it is beautiful.

This is some illustration work from a brighton graduate called Sophie Alda. I love the pastel colour scheme, it brings an innocence to her strange characters.

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    Thanks for your flattering comments.
    I've got a couple more photographs I could forward if you would like? (Email me:
    Kind regards, Nicolas Cranch



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